No.:AK-2067 VPAK738GRS
Item:Bow Trx
Milled green G10 with Buck medallion
Heavy-duty polyester, black
BLADE LENGTH:2" (5.0 cm) WEIGHT:8 oz. (226.7 g)

Maintain peak performance of your bow with Buck’s 738 Bow TRX. Designed as a multipurpose tool for the archer, the Bow TRX is packed with all the right elements for the field. Features nine different torx sizes, a 2" blade, Phillips head, scissors and a broadhead wrench tool. Broadhead wrench features a triangle hole for removing broadhead tip and hex holes for routine bow maintenance. Fits 2, 3, and 4 blade broadheads. Bow TRX and Broadhead wrench fit securely in the heavy-duty sheath for safe storage.

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