Item:Viking Sword
Blade length: 76.8cm
Handle length: 17.7cm
With sheath weight: 1140g
Blade weight: 850g
Steel: 1050 high carbon steel
Sheath: Wooden


9-10 century Viking sword blade typically have length and width of the blade, the middle blade is more full, tip sharp. The use of multiple knife stab or stabbed as strong, so slightly rounded but there is just the tip sharpness can be thrusts. Above the simple design of the guard has quillion sculpture, wooden handles can be done with the cortical bone, or brass external processing. Let Viking sword hilt of the sphere is different with five balls designed to balance the long blade. It is designed with the same ancient Viking sword, carbon steel blade hand-built, and after it has issued a fine polished bright luster. Wooden handle is covered with leather, simple design of the guard and five balls to do the design support, both of which are Celtic knot design and decoration. Wooden sword with a black outer sheath, and the scabbard mouth coupled with copper ring, nice.

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