Item:Hand-And-A-Half Sword
Blade length: 84.5 cm
Handle length: 24 cm
With sheath weight: 1600 g
Blade weight: 1250g
Steel: 1050 high carbon steel
Scabbard: Leather covered wood


Light Rapid Action sword 33-1 / 2 inch long blade, cutting width can do action, the sharp tip can also thrusts. This has a very long sword and the sword, the sword itself, designed especially for use with one hand or both hands, a wooden handle with black leather outer cover. Balance their body and arrows to swords, knife handle design on the end of the scent-stopper ball appearance, but also as a deadly weapon. Swords are reflected in each of the semi-best technology and quality, and you can get to hold it on the battlefield. A wooden sheath, the outer with black leather handle, scabbard mouth coupled with copper ring design.

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