Handle length: 13.4 cm
Blade length: 11.5 cm
Weight: 150 g
Hardness :57-58HRC
Steel: Japanese AUS 8A
Surface: satin treatment


In general, the knife will accidentally bring fear to start, this is easily cut into the users; straight knife sheath Although, it will inevitably slide out, these situations can happen. The "" Paradox ™ "knife"is completely overcome this shortcoming.
AUS 8A steel blade, anodized 6061 aluminum handle with hardened film, not only wear and corrosion and has insulation, the handle has a similar slip joint in the principle of the latch springs back when not in use, the blade caught in the two Only the inside of the handle, the exhibition must be two knife handle opposite direction 180 degrees even. This design can completely avoid the general jackknife accidents is open, and two latch springs back strong support force, durability and stability are different from ordinary pocket knife, not to unlock in use. Remind you that this product is not a butterfly knife, butterfly knife Do not operate the way to use the "Paradox ™" knife. "

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