Item:KOTHIMORA 6" (Sounevir)
Size of blade: 6 inch
Materials: Pure silver scabbard, water buffalo horn handle, Korean velvet, 2 x small knives
Origin: Dharan, Eastern Nepal

Kothimora typically was known as “Kothi-Moda”, which in Nepalese literature means molding in and around the chape portion of the scabbard; Kothi - Chape, Moda - to Mould.

Kothimora in strict khukuri term means khukuri knife having silver scabbard. It is a khukuri that has a special place and value in Nepalese culture and society. The exclusive silver scabbard with beautiful carvings in it also makes this khukuri a first choice gift to express one’s appreciation and gratefulness amongst Nepalese especially the Gurkhas (Nepalese in Army).

The blade of this Kothimora khukuri is 6 inch long therefore the name. . The scabbard is artistically made from pure silver with beautiful patterns laid over a high quality velvet background on both sides. Beautiful carvings having cultural and traditional values are carved by using only domestic tools. It is also a very special and old version of celebrated kukris used for religious ceremonies and given as gifts to mark one's respect and appreciation. In British Gurkhas there is a customary of presenting the out going officers with a kothimora as a memento from his regiment to honor his loyal service for which a Kothimora 6” is also used sometimes.

Traditionally, Kothimora is also worn as a part of bridegroom’s ceremonial dress in Nepalese marriage custom. The bridegroom tucks his khukuri in his sash and keeps it throughout the ceremony. This is done in a belief that the khukuri would safe guard him and protect his new family from evils, sins and bad spirit. The khukuri would also fill in for him in his absence in ritual practices.

A perfect gift and souvenir from Nepal to take back home..

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