Item:Tori Laito 29"
29in Steel Iaito Blade
Premium fittings
Built for Martial Artists
Overall: 40 ½”
Blade Length: 29
Handle Length: 10 ½”
Weight: 2lb 1oz
Point of Balance: 5"
Width at Guard: 1.21"
Width at Tip: .86"
Thickness at Guard: .25"
Thickness at Tip: .19"
Sori: 3/4"

Specs will vary slightly
from piece to piece.


The Tori Iaito features truly elegant furniture for the discerning Iaido practitioner. It features a ”Flying Crane” themed Tsuba and Fuchi/Kashira with Kabuto inspired Menuki. The high quality brown leather Tsuka-ito is wrapped over black Same. The Saya is wrapped at the mouth with black-lacquered rattan and finished in a textured brown. See models SH6007IGC and SH6007IGE for other Tori Iaito blade length options.

Made by Hanwei.

1F,NO.63.Lane 87 Xin-sheng N Rd.Sec.3 Taipei,104 Taiwan