No.:AJ-7016 ONTOS/GR
Item:Extrema Ratio knife Ontos
Lenght Blade 16´5cm
Total lenght 29´8 cm
sheet thickness 6´3 mm
Weight 400gr
Total Weight 1000gr
Steel BOHLER N690 (58HRC)
Saw: yes
Finish: Black MIL-C-13 924


Extrema Ratio Knife survival knife is a pure field. hard and at the same time compact. Take sawing a section of the spine. so that the edge is always ready for emergencies Use when the heavy equipment left behind parent. there is the possibility of carrying the Ontos in nylon pouch MOLLE system compatible
It incorporates a survival kit in a pocket that is attached to the cover of nylon. with MOLLE system. making the Ontos in a real survival tool.
- The survival kit contains: Fluorescent bar (12 hours). a diamond sharpener. a bag of water. nylon cord. compass. candle. flint scraper. fishing kit. mini multitool. matches. sewing kits. purification tablets. razor. mirror. whistle. cable tie. cable saw. pencil. instructions for survival.

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