Specifications Kukri Machete Magnum Kukri Machete
Weight: 16 oz. 18.2 oz.
Thickness: 2.75mm 2.75mm
Blade: 13" 17"
Overall: 18" 22"
Handle: Polypropylene Handles On Both Models


There no single edged weapon that we can think of that can out-chop or out-cut a good Kukri. It true that the best Kukris, like our LTC and Gurkha models, can be somewhat expensive. While those horoughbreds? perform extraordinarily well for the money that they cost, it sometimes seems that what required is a good, inexpensive, orkhorse?model. Our Kukri Machetes are those workhorses. They are available in two sizes, one has a thirteen inch blade and the other, our new agnum?model has a whopping seventeen inch blade. Both are ready to plow through the toughest chores life can dish out. Each features the distinctive weight-forward balance of our op-of-the-line?models, and always present their edge on an angle so theye guaranteed to ite?deep with every stroke. Additionally, they come complete with a sturdy Cordura sheath! They're a solid value, ready for long, hard work.

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