Continuing an art-form created by Chris Reeve in the mid-1990’s, this range of Computer Generated Graphic designs offers designs to suit a variety of tastes.

CAD/CAM (computer aided drawing/computer aided machining) allows the creation of a graphic, and transfer of the design into a program that can be machined on a CNC milling machine.

The colored graphics are anodized, a process that involves passing an electrical current through the titanium handle, causing a layer of oxide to form on the surface. The desired color is achieved by selecting a specific voltage and the color is simply reflected light, the spectrum splintered.

When the coloring is complete, the handle is hand polished to a satin finish. The colors achieved in the anodizing process can vary slightly, which creates individual character for every knife. Each Computer Generated Graphic design featured is available on the large or small Sebenza 21and in left or right hand models. Please order by name.

All knives are shown with S30V stainless steel blades. By request, any model can be made with a damascus blade, according to the guidelines shown in our price list. The colors of the thumb lugs and back spacers are matched to the respective designs and will not be varied; nor can we accept requests for changes of color or the addition of inlays. Each knife is supplied with a calfskin slip pouch. Please see main Sebenza 21 page for specifications.

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