Item:Iris Eagle Katana
Handle length: 33.5cm
Blade length: 75.5cm
Weight: 1200g

Material Description:
Blade --5,160 hand forged high carbon steel, isothermal quenching, cutting edge hardness 57HRc
鎺 knife - brass casting
Handle - high-quality shark skin, a special non-elastic durable matte leather cord, feathers, head shape consistent
Knife Tan - black finished cast iron, to hawk theme
Scabbard - black matt lacquered sheath
Edge, the first - black finished steel casting, to the theme of eagles


Hack master eagle series is James Williams with the assistance of the design is in hack Hanwei Samurai sword with the new series, for those who want to hack through the exercises to improve skills but not necessarily be able to get a straw mat Hack practitioners of the system to do. High-carbon steel blade is forged by 5160, with the traditional blade hardening compared to the direction of a special heat treatment for the hack is not the right to create a very high flexibility and better endurance. The steel blade is too thick can prevent the need to replicate the weight and feel of Japan characteristics of the prototype. Blade geometry is to reduce the chopping soft or semi-rigid target, no gap, suitable for chopping a variety of different targets.

Each of this series has a unique long knife edge, knife-making history in Japan, which also have their own origin, so that practitioners can hack on the appearance and feel options.

Eagle Series Katana made in the iris shape edge with a beautiful and powerful hack ability to transition without cross-known hand. This blade design in the Northern and Southern Dynasties (1336-1392 AD) is very popular, and has continued to the Muromachi period.

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